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Welcome to Starter-SaaS

Get started

Clone project

git clone [YOUR_APP_NAME]


To create a Nextra Docs site manually, you have to install Next.js, React, Nextra, and Nextra Docs Theme. In your project directory, run the following command to install the dependencies:

npm install

Remove git origin

Before you can upload your github, you need to remove the git origin of your project:

git remote remove origin

Rename .env.example to .env.local

mv .env.dist .env

All keys must be filled in with the correct values

Start project local

To launch the project locally, use this command:

npm run dev

You can follow the package.json to find all the commands you can run:

"scripts": {
  "dev": "next dev",
  "postinstall": "prisma generate",
  "build": "next build",
  "start": "next start",
  "lint": "next lint",
  "email": "email dev",
  "prettier:fix": "prettier --config .prettierrc --write ."

Ready to Go!

Open http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab) 🎉